Nulswap Public Sale Airdrop

To prepare for our launch at the end of September, WaterTiger will airdrop $WTF to all Public Sale / Whitelist buyers in 2:1 ratio.

The Nulswap community has been our number one priority since day one. Our airdrop will be the first of many gestures of goodwill to $NSWAP users as part of an overarching community incentive program.

Join us on our mission to build the ultimate yield boosting protocol!

Airdrop Info

WatetTiger will airdrop x% of our total supply of 1B WTF to NSWAP holders. 34,000,000 WTF tokens will be airdropped with a vesting schedule of 13 months.

Qualification & Claim Mechanism

Everyone who participated in Nulswap SALES is eligible for airdop

All tokens will be vested linearly over a 13 month period. You can claim your tokens released via vesting at any time. Below is the chart to explain the airdrop distribution and the respective claims, cliffs and vesting.

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