Yield farming, or liquidity mining, is a recent financial primitive in DeFi that rewards users for provisioning liquidity or providing other value-adding services to a dApp’s ecosystem.

One way for DeFi investors to earn passive income is through yield farming. While yield farming is mostly associated with depositing normal cryptocurrencies into a liquidity pool, investors have started to yield farming using LP tokens as well. Normally, a liquidity provider stakes their crypto into a DeFi protocol ( Nulswap ) and receives a corresponding amount of LP tokens that can be redeemed into crypto. One benefit to liquidity providers is that they earn a small portion of all transaction fees collected by the pool.

However, because these LP tokens can be redeemed for crypto, they can also function as a form of easily convertible liquidity as well. For that reason, WaterTiger accepts LP tokens as another form of crypto liquidity to encourage the growth of liquidity on NULS

💸 Farm Fees

Enjoy it farmers!

  • 0.5 $NULS Withdrawal fees

  • 0.5% + 0.5 $NULS Deposit fees

  • 0.5 $NULS Claim

Check the 💸 How to Farm page for more details.


$WTF rewards claimed from farms will be deposited into your wallet with a time lock of 9 days.

You can access your vested $WTF always after 9 days after claims, it is important to mention that claim button will always be available and you can use it to transfer tokens from the contract to your wallet how many tımes you want.

Vested rewards reduce the sell pressure on the token and can prevent hard dumps.

There is no vesting in the Deposits

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