Staking is a way of earning rewards for holding certain cryptocurrencies.

WaterTiger wants to bring innovation and sustainability in DeFI and together with Nulswap show the crypto world that we are here to compete with staking mechanisms that allow the assembly of Legos in DeFi in a safe way.

Putting in effect, in an initial phase it will be possible to stake $WTF and $aNSWAP to earn $WTF. In both cases there will be a locked period of 27 days. The $WTF Stake has an innovative differential because it is divided into tiers and each tier multiplies your APR in farming pools and $aNswap staking.

πŸ’Έ Staking Fees

No fees for $WTF stakers! All other stakes have a fee!

  • 0.5 $NULS Withdrawal fees

  • 0.5% + 0.5 $NULS Deposit fees

  • 0.5 $NULS Claim

Check the πŸ’Έ How to Stake page for more details.


  • $WTF rewards claimed from $aNswap staking will be deposited into your wallet with a time lock of 27 days.

  • $WTF and $aNSWAP staking have a 27 days locked period.

  • $WTF staking will not have a claim button and will use the same method as Nulswap. After 27 days you can withdraw to use the rewards and deposit again.

You can access your vested $WTF rewards always after 27 days after claims, it is important to mention that claim button will always be available and you can use it to transfer tokens from the contract to your wallet how many times you want.

Vested rewards reduce the sell pressure on the token and can prevent hard dumps.

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