What is WaterTiger?

WaterTiger is a sustainable and decentralized yield Farming running on NULS.
WaterTiger was founded to foster the growth of NULS DeFi ecosystem. Thanks to the community and open-source smart contracts, WaterTiger synergistically integrates Nulswap to enable users to generate boosted yields on their aNswap or Nulswap LP deposits.

What value WaterTiger brings to NULS?

When we talk about DeFi, we cannot avoid talking about the importance of liquidity. Without liquidity, financial systems grind to a halt. In decentralized finance (DeFi), liquidity pools help keep things running smoothly.
WaterTiger aims to bring liquidity through incentives into the NULS ecosystem and in this way provide more value to the network by increasing the TVL and indirectly the VOLUME of transactions on NULS.

What problem we solve?

WaterTiger solves the low liquidity problem on NULS. For those who do not understand the disadvantages of low liquidity.
Low liquidity leads to high slippage, a large difference between the expected price of a token trade and the price at which it is actually executed. Low liquidity results in high slippage because token changes in a pool, as a result of a swap or any other activity, causes greater imbalances when there are so few tokens locked up in pools. When the pool is highly liquid, traders won’t experience much slippage.
But high slippage isn’t the worst possible scenario. If there's not enough liquidity for a given trading pair (say NULS to UDTN) on all protocols, then users will be stuck with tokens they can’t sell. This is pretty much what happens with rug pulls, but it can also happen naturally if the market doesn’t provide enough liquidity.
Last modified 1yr ago